Interesting stories and intriguing collaborators are what fuel my passion. Dynamic and challenging spaces drive creativity. Please reach out if what you see here suggests the possibility of wonderful adventure.


 (Below: Early concept sketch, Miss Buncle's Book, Lifeline Theatre 2015)


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    Suzanne PlunkettPrecious Bane, Pistols for Two, Lizard Music

    Amy Sobotta: The Piano Tuner

    Paul Metreyeon: The End, Wuthering Heights, Treasure Island, Mariette in Ecstasy, Neverwhere

    Kelsey Jorissen: The Three Musketeers, Lyle Finds His Mother 

    Jackie Jasperson: Lester's Dreadful Sweaters, Miss Buncle's Book,      One Came Home, Soon I will be Invincible

    Brett A Beiner: Avenue Q

    Alex J. Gendal: Middle Passage

    Kevin Gawley: Jane Eyre

    Andrew Meyer: Tongue of a Bird

    Johnny Knight: An Inspector Calls

    Trademan Photography: Cheaper by the Dozen